Zubrnice Open Air Museum

The only open air museum in the north of Bohemia presents the life and culture of the original population of the former Sudetenland, its bond with the landscape, and the transformation of the area after the war.

What can you find here?

Historic Village

The focal point of the village section of the museum are the buildings standing in their original location, including the school, the shop and the church. The nucleus of the museum is the Hop Farm (no. 61) with relocated farm buildings and a working fruit drying shed. You will get to find out about the successful trade in fruit and hops in Zubrnice and the surrounding area.

Mill Valley

In the valley of Luční potok (Meadow Stream) you can find something unique in Central Europe – a dense network of water structures. Five water mills have survived in the area administered by the museum, though unfortunately only the torso remains of a number of them. You can take a look at the working Walschmühle, which was one of the smallest. The museum is currently renovating the largest – the Schelmühle.