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Shrovetide (Saturday 13 February)

Shrovetide customs, a range of home slaughter products, the contests to find the best white pudding and brawn the world has ever seen.

Easter at the Open Air Museum (Saturday 3 April)

Traditional Easter and springtime customs, decorating Easter eggs, braiding willow plaits, baking hot cross buns and a performance by a children’s choir.

Earthen construction and Hanakian costumes (Saturday 17 July)

Demonstrations of the production of unfired bricks, including the preparation of cut straw and stomping the clay mixture, accompanied by a lecture on earthen construction and its history and future. 

Bronislava Millá, a distinguished expert in Hanakian costumes, sheds light on their secrets and motifs; she will also be giving a demonstration of the bobbin lacework used in folk costumes.

Harvest Time in Hana (Saturday 31 July)

Harvesting and threshing cereal grain, scything with a cradle scythe, binding into sheaves, stacking sheaves in stooks, a demonstration of period machinery, threshing with a hand flail, threshing with a historic threshing machine, tastings of regional specialities.

Horseplay (Sunday 22 August)

Programme for children – horse rides, archery, art workshop, fencing performance, a demonstration of dog-assisted therapy, face painting, physical activities for young and old. Craft fair, the Studio bez Kliky Theatre. Listen and dance to the group Isbina.

Hanakian Christmas (Saturday 28 November)

The genuine Christmas atmosphere of a Hanakian homestead at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Baking Christmas confectionary, Hanakian customs and traditions, Christmas fair.




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